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Services On Offer

Article Writing
   •  Thoroughly researched factually accurate articles.
   •  SEO for the given topic/keywords.
   •  Proper introduction, body, conclusion. 
   •  Proofread for grammar, punctuations, spellings, and syntax.
   •  Contextual reference citations to authoritative sources for any claims made in the articles.
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      Web Content Creation
         •  Website/Business Introduction
         •  Landing Page Content
         •  About Us
         •  Owner/Founder/Proprietor Profile
         •  Team(s) Profile
         •  Overview of Services/Products
         •  Projects Portfolio
         •  Testimonials
         •  Business Branding, Catchphrases, Taglines
         •  Overview of Services, Products, Projects  
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          Product Listings
             •  Listing titles with proper keywords within 36 characters.
            •   Consistent appearance across different formats - mobiles, laptops, notepads.
             •  Crisp and clear bullet points enumerating the given specs.
             •  Easy to read, coherent sentences.
              Click here for 'Product Listings' samples.
              Product and Services Descriptions
                 •  Short Descriptions: Specs and benefits summary.
                 •  Long Descriptions: In-depth specs, features, make and manufacture details.
                Click here for 'Product Descriptions' samples.
                Products And Services Reviews
                   •  Reviews detailing functional aspects, features, and other parameters.
                   •  In-depth reviews that get into the minutiae of the product/service.
                   •  Comparative reviews with multiple products reviewed in the same article.
                   •  Comparison tables and charts where applicable.
                   •  No biased reviews - no bogus reviews for bad products.
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                  News Articles
                     •  Articles based on latest events and news stories.
                     •  Can follow trending topics and report regularly.
                     •  Unique take on breaking news and developing stories.
                    Click here for 'News Articles' samples.
                    News Summaries
                       •  tl:dr version of news articles.
                       •  News blurbs of 50 - 75 words. 
                       •  Mini listicle style summaries.
                       •  Short descriptive summaries with an overview of talking points.
                      Click here for 'News Summaries' samples.
                         •  Creative and catchy bullet point articles.
                         •  Peppered with pictures, videos, memes, gifs, tweets, Instagram posts, and so on.
                         •  Sassy and casual in tone without being crass.
                         •  Factually sound with links to data sources.
                        Click here for sample 'Listicles.'
                           •  Copywriting for text-based ads for all major advertising platforms.
                           •  Customized offerings for Google Ads, FB, and Instagram.
                           •  Ad copy optimized for character limits and editorial guidelines.
                           •  Ready to publish content.
                           •  Persuasive marketing copy for
                              ∙  Leads generation
                              ∙  Affiliate marketing
                              ∙  Promotional material and other marketing collateral.
                           •  Articles with compelling headlines.
                           •  Keywords density of 1.5% to 2.6%. 
                           •  Use of synonyms and long-tail keywords.
                           •  Call to action phrases that avoid sales jargon.
                           •  Inclusive of all buyer personas.
                          Click here for 'Copywriting' samples.
                             •  Short 'How To' guides starting at 5000 words.
                             •  Detailed 20,000 to 30,000 words ebooks on niche topics. 
                             •  Diverse categories like health and wellness, parenting, cooking, marketing, etc.
                            Click here for 'Ebooks Writing' samples.
                            Resumé  Writing
                               •  Overhaul an existing resume.
                               •  Create a new resume from a skeletal outline.
                               •  Collaborate with you to enhance, rewrite, or spruce up your online profile. 
                              Click here for 'Resumé Writing' samples. 
                              Email Writing
                                 •  Official letters: To clients, publishers, colleagues, charities, and so on.
                                 •  Casual letters: Letters of gratitude, appreciation, congratulations, and more.
                                 •  Formal letters: Cover letters, statement of purpose, letters to editors, etc.
                                Click here for 'Email Writing' samples. 
                                Speech Writing
                                   •  Formal speeches at official events.
                                   •  Informal speeches at family gatherings.
                                   •  Polishing your vote of thanks, welcome speech, introductory speech, and so on. 
                                  Click here for 'Speech Writing' samples.
                                     •  Other writing assignments not mentioned above.
                                     •  White pages, grey literature, brochures, press releases, catalogs, etc. 
                                     •  Open to providing editorial content and fiction writing.

                                  Click here for 'Miscellaneous' writing samples.
                                  Online Research 
                                     •  Online research projects that go beyond writing a script to scrape data.
                                     •  Information that needs to be read, analyzed, and filtered via a manual lens. 
                                     •  Obscure data that requires manual efforts to unearth.
                                     •  Data that requires critical reasoning skills to streamline.
                                     •  Presented clearly and concisely for easy analysis. 

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