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Former 'Technical Communicator' at a 'Fortune 500' firm with a background in Engineering, I offer my services as a 'Freelance Content Writer' with emphasis on SEO content writing.

I am an avid reader, consummate writer, news geek, pop culture aficionado, and an eagle-eyed proofreader. Besides decent lexical prowess, I also have a good handle on grammar and composition. The blessing of a thirst for knowledge, combined with extensive online sleuthing skills, turns writing about weird and varied topics into a fun undertaking to make a living.

I write articles and blog posts from scratch to promote products, generate leads, create contextual backlinks, and market affiliate programs.

Reach out to me for compelling web content for your business, descriptive content for your products, services, social media marketing campaigns, ad listings, and reviews. Comprehensive product buying guides with comparative reviews are also in the offing.

Rely on me to compose arresting emails for inbound and outbound marketing. Regular emails, letters, and other official communications are also right up my alley.

My repertoire also includes writing articles on news stories and current affairs. I try to stay on top of the latest trends, events, and viral moments to offer a fresh yet nuanced perspective to breaking news and developing stories.

What can you expect if you choose to work with me?

Besides good writing that is factually and grammatically sound,

1. Professionalism: Adherence to deadlines, timely communication, and full co-operation until successful completion of the project.

2. No Plagiarism: 100% original content, written from scratch.

3. Search Engine Optimization: On-page SEO for textual content with proper headings, subheadings, keyword density less than 2.5%, use of synonyms and long-tail keywords, alt text for images, tables, graphs, and meta text.

4. Target Tailored Content: Content tailored to appeal to the target audience - users, search engines, or both, with the right tone and tenor - serious, casual, formal, friendly, you name it, I'm game for it.

5. Factual Accuracy: Well researched, thoroughly vetted facts, with reference links to authoritative online sources.

6. Proofread: You'll get a ready-to-publish article that has been edited to fix all grammar and syntax errors.

tl;dr - Expect 100% unique content that's free of grammatical and factual errors, is proofread, and turned in on time.
Freelancer Adept at Web Research

I also work on research projects that go beyond writing a script to scrape data. The kind of information that needs to be read, analyzed, and filtered through a manual lens to make sense.

Reach out to me if you're looking for research data that requires manual efforts to unearth, critical reasoning skills to streamline, and decent presentation skills to lay it out clearly and concisely.


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