Monday, August 9, 2021

Q'n'As on VPNs - Short Answers for Google's Answer Box

What are the advantages of using a VPN?

Using a VPN has numerous benefits, chief amongst which are: 

  • Privacy 

Browsing via VPNs ensures that nobody has access to your actual IP address or other easily traceable data, such as your geographic location, that can be used to identify you online. VPNs also ensure that your browsing history is hidden even from your IP provider. 

  • Minimize Digital Footprint 

If you do not want to leave a trace of your online activities, using VPNs is the way to go. It helps you block invasive data collection techniques prevalent these days, thereby reducing your digital footprint. Fewer websites and businesses will have your IP address, device information, and other digital markers used to collect, exploit, and abuse sensitive data. 

  • Bypassing Geo-blocks 

Many countries do not follow the globally accepted norms for free speech and access to crucial information. Some countries even go so far as to block critical websites and news portals to fuel their agenda and manage public perception. This scenario is where VPN acts as a great tool to level the playing field by allowing individuals in geo-blocked zones to access information that might be otherwise unavailable to them via traditional channels. 

What's the best VPN service available online? 

We recommend ExpressVPN as the best option out of all the ones currently serviceable, like VyperVPN, CyberGhost, and so on. ExpressVPN's multiple servers dotted globally ensure you'll never be stuck buffering due to the lack of an available server. You can use it on multiple devices, and yet there's no noticeable lag in the speed. There's also a 24*7 customer support team at your beck and call if you ever run into unforeseen problems.


What's a VPN kill switch?

A VPN kill switch is a built-in fail-safe that ensures that your IP address or devices aren't compromised by accident. It's a program that monitors your connection to the VPN server as long as you are online. If, for some reason, the link to the VPN server is lost, the VPN kill-switch automatically disconnects all your devices from the internet to safeguard your privacy. This option is especially helpful when browsing geo-blocked or censored websites in countries where the state regulates access to information.

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