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AccurateNow Review - SaaS Review Writing Sample

A Brief Overview of AccurateNow

AccurateNow is one of the most well-known employee screening services online. Its USP is providing the fastest turnaround time on background check requests for potential candidates in the hiring pipeline. It offers a minimal basket of features compared to larger players in the arena but still appeals to users for its ease of usage, clean UI, and 'pay as you go' pricing model. What's more, it is accredited by the United States' National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). 

It is an ideal service for small and medium businesses that have low hiring targets. Prices are based on the number of background check reports ordered, and companies are only required to pay per their usage. Since its reports lack comprehensive candidate data, it isn't suitable for large-scale organizations' hiring needs.

It's also the recommended background checks service for small and medium businesses that aren’t very tech-savvy. AccurateNow’s easy to approach customer service teams are trained to help with the set-up and approval of new accounts and troubleshoot issues promptly.

USP of AccurateNow

Here are a few unique features that make AccurateNow one of the fastest-growing companies in the background services providing industry:

  1. The automated process checks names and other credentials against official databases' lists, giving it the advantage of faster turn-around time. 
  2. Requires minimal input from clients. Your work is done once you've entered the candidate's credentials into the system. 
  3. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant reports. 
  4. Regularly updates official hiring guidelines and criteria per state rules.

How Much Does AccurateNow Cost? 

A one-time fee of $25 is the base charge for setting up an account with AccurateNow. Clients can then choose from three pricing packages - basic, standard, and premium. These range in price from $29.95 to $75.95 per report. Each package offers additional records' verifications, proportional to its price as shown below:
Accessing third party databases like drug screening records, motor vehicle reports, past employment details, and additional educational records will add-on to the initial charges accrued.

AccurateNow Customer Support

AccurateNow has an A+ Customer Support team situated within the United States, making it easily accessible during regular working hours across North America. Their well trained and cooperative Customer Support professionals can be reached via emails, phone calls, and social media. Queries are responded to and resolved within hours. 

Besides customer support, they also engage with their target audience offline via seminars and conferences.

AccurateNow Pros

  • Fastest turn around time owing to its automated algorithm. 
  • Significant reduction in hiring time.
  • 'Pay as you go' pricing model. There are no monthly, yearly, or prorated data charges. 
  • A simple user interface with records listed under different categories with red and green checkmarks indicates positive and negative reports. 

AccurateNow Cons

  • Screening features are limited to basic background data - unsuitable for hiring in sensitive verticals. 
  • A few services like 'Adverse Action Letter Distribution' are charged at $5 per notice when they're free on other platforms. 
  • Even the paid packages limit the number of background check parameters to one record per report. Additional records accrue more charges. 

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