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HireRight Review - Business Review Article

HireRight Review 
A Brief Overview of HireRight

HireRight Inc. is an innovator and business leader in the field of providing employee background checks worldwide. It was one of the first background check companies to offer online services in global employee screenings. It also provides integrated background screening solutions with other HR service providers and e-recruiting vendors. HireRight’s NAPBS-accredited team offers background checks and verification services in over 200 countries worldwide.

Businesses can hire their services to screen potential candidates for employability. Verification services are provided for education credentials, previous employment records, criminal records, drug tests, and 150 other parameters. It boasts of clientele in sectors like retail, healthcare, education, transportation, and more.

HireRight is the right choice for firms that operate globally and hire candidates from a global human resources pool. Their services drastically cut down the turnaround time required to hire candidates by providing quick background verifications. It is particularly well suited to address the transportation sector's needs with fast and accurate data on drug screenings, alcohol tests, DOT physical certifications, Commercial Driver's License Information System (CDLIS), and DAC reports. 

Although it has a dedicated 'Small Business' section on the website to fulfill emerging businesses' employment needs, it might be out of your reach if you’re operating on a tight budget or expect a robust customer support system.

HireRight's Salient Features

HireRight does a stellar job of providing varied services for different employee background screening requirements like special packages for hiring high-level executives, tailored packages for small businesses, and more. Here are a few of the unique features that make it standout from the crowd:

  1. It has an extensive database of helpful training material, tutorials, online courses, and learning sessions to help its clientele master the tools and features available on the website.
  2. The UI is straightforward, and even first-time users can navigate the site without a lot of trouble.
  3. Its paperless screening option initiates email contact with potential employees, helps them provide the requisite information to initiate background verification, and even includes e-verification and online management of I-9 forms. 
  4. Billing and account management features are very intuitive, and keeping track of invoices and expenditures is super easy.
  5. The company stays on top of regulatory changes in employment rules across the globe. Also, it updates its clients about these changes via email, regularly helping HR teams meet compliance guidelines for employment regulations.

In addition to these standout features, integration with talent management services like Taleo and other applicant tracking systems is a big plus in its favor. This eases the transfer of data between online hiring platforms that serve different purposes.

How Much Does HireRight Cost?

HireRight doesn’t provide a standard pricing structure that can be accessed by the general public. Businesses need to get in touch with their customer support team to enquire about prices.  

However, the new 'HireRight Express' service offered in conjunction with 'Background Services' has three price bands - Basic, Better, and Premium at $29.95, $49.95, and $64.95, respectively. 

How Good is HireRight's Customer Support?

HireRight offers 24*7 live chat support, email support, phone support, and dedicated account managers for premium and enterprise clients. However, the time taken to process simple requests is too long. Sometimes it takes up to two business days to get a response to live chat queries. 

Its frontline support staff isn’t well trained in troubleshooting problems that crop up frequently and sometimes even flat out refuses to provide assistance with certain services. In rare cases, even account managers assigned to enterprises are to be slow to resolve issues. 

Positive customer support experiences aren’t rare either. It’s a mixed bag depending on who picks up your ticket.

HireRight's Pros

  1. Supports background verification for candidates from a global pool.
  2. Additional features and services are offered for executive positions.
  3. The platform is very user friendly - both for employers as well as employees. 
  4. Features are continually upgraded and improved upon.
  5. Quick turnaround time - most service requests are processed within 2 business days.
  6. Reports on checks in the pipeline are very detailed with dates, time stamps, ETAs, approved data, pending checks, and more.

HireRight's Cons

  1. The poor customer support team, not always reliable, delayed responses, most CSRs lack product knowledge.
  2. Downtime issues are neither actively monitored nor communicated to the clients on time, leaving users grappling with unplanned service interruptions. 
  3. Reports on background checks can be improved with the inclusion of notes to tag the reasons for rejection, failed check grounds, and more. 
  4. The quality of international background checks is sometimes shaky with wrong phone numbers being called, failure to fish out legal violations and court records, and low accuracy on educational background information.

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