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GoodHire Review - Sample Review Article of a Web Based Service Provider

GoodHire Review 
A Brief Overview of GoodHire

GoodHire is a US-based background checks company that helps businesses expedite their hiring process. It provides background scans for potential candidates, including verifying educational credentials, social security numbers, criminal database records, work history, and more. In addition to this basic package, there are add-on features like checks against global terrorists watch-lists, vehicle records database, county court records, international employment and educational records, additional checks for US-based candidates like healthcare sanctions, and more.

GoodHire is an ideal background checks platform for companies based in the United States. The international checks offered are only applicable to candidates being employed in or living in the US. It offers very flexible pricing packages. Small businesses and large scale platforms can create specific service plans according to their hiring requirements and ask for custom quotes. It is best suited for businesses that require simple background checks against existing criminal, healthcare, medical, and legal records for hiring in the US.

It might not be the best service for businesses on a budget as the basic package, although cheap, doesn’t offer much by way of features, and Add-on features are costly. 

Salient Features

GoodHire offers swift turnaround times for checking against national databases. It has a clean and simple UI that looks fresh and invites user confidence. Its low dispute rates of <0.1% inspire trust in the service. Its standout features include:

  1. Ongoing Alerts: You can tick the option for ‘Ongoing Alerts’ to keep up the background checks process for your employees or a particular employee. It regularly runs and updates their background information in the database and alerts employers to new flags. 
  2. Compliance: All checks and reports provided are Foreign Contribution & Regulation Act (FCRA) compliant. 
  3. Remote Forms: E-consent forms make it easy for people in far-flung states to fill in their credentials from the comfort of their own homes.
  4. Customization: Custom packages are tailor-made in keeping with your employment requirements. You can also take the alternate approach of setting up your candidate requirements on the platform. It will run this set of specifications against the available candidates' database and connect you with those who match your criteria.
  5. Automation: Automated workflows save time and cut down on repetitive tasks. Pre-built and custom integrations are offered to facilitate easy hiring and data transfer. Compliance regulations can also be integrated with automated workflows, which are extremely helpful in fulfilling legal requirements.
How Much Do You Need to Shell Out for GoodHire Services? 

Three different packages are offered for small businesses with limited requirements of up to 50 background checks per year. 
  • Basic - $29.99
  • Standard - $54.99
  • Premium - $79.99
This fee is not inclusive of the one-time set-up payment required to create your account with the company profile and other details. Standard and Premium packages attract additional charges whenever a third party database is accessed but do not have any upper limit on the number of candidates you can look up. 

Other services are charged separately, like $9.99 per candidate for the ‘National Criminal Database Search,’ ‘$14.99 for ‘Federal Criminal Databases Search’ and so on. 

Businesses with extensive hiring needs exceeding 50 candidates per annum can seek custom quotes based on hiring volume. A dedicated team in San Diego assists users in setting up this premium account.

Does GoodHire Provide Customer Support? 

GoodHire has a phenomenal customer support team that’s available on live chat, emails, and phone. Live chat queries garner quick responses. Representatives are diligent about providing frequent updates and ETAs for problem resolutions, downtime issues, and following up on troubleshooting timelines. They’re also active on social media and online review forums, respond to positive and negative reviews with equal grace, and are generally easy to approach, quick to respond, and offer helpful advice.

Advantages of Working with GoodHire 
  • Quality background checks reports containing thoroughly vetted information provided with short turnarounds.
  • The excellent customer service team that’s engaging, helpful, and well versed with the ins and outs of the features and services on offer.
  • An in-house team of experts trained in US Compliance regulations offers advice to keep HR managers up to date with the latest developments in employment rules.
Disadvantages of Working with GoodHire
  • Sneaky billing practices - customers are over-billed on occasion, yet they have no proper refund policy.
  • Convoluted pricing packages for different services, like add-on services on top of first level background checks, significantly increase the service's costs.
  • Limited scope with a small assortment of background check services offered. Only basic drug screening is provided, making it an unviable option for most product design and manufacturing as well as heavy machinery operating firms. 
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