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Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes
Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

“I just found out that people with brown eyes actually have blue eyes or blue-grey eyes underneath! The brown is just a layer that covers the real color underneath. And brown is the only color eye that is multilayered like that.” - C. JoyBell C.

If you are the proud owner of a pair of brown peepers, rejoice in your multilayered, deceptively hued eye colour. And keep reading for the best makeup tips and tricks for brown eyes.

Eyeshadow Colours That Look The Best With Brown Eyes

Since brown is an almost neutral shade, most color palettes bring out the brown of your eyes. Even so, some colors enhance the beauty of a brown iris more than others. Here’s a look at the best eyeshadow colors that go with brown eyes:

1. Gold Eye Makeup: Brown eyes are made for gold-toned makeup. But choosing the right shade of gold will decide whether your brown eyes look popping or flopping. Avoid brighter shades of gold like champagne and mustard gold. Stick to warmer hues like copper-gold, nude gold shimmer, and antique gold. Pair these golden eyeshadows with metallic eyeliners on the waterline to create a pooled light effect. Lightly dust the brows with the same shade of gold to draw more attention to your eyes. 

2. Blue Eye Makeup: An alternative combination of various shades of blue, with a glittery teal finish in the inner corners of the eyes, will also accentuate the warmth of brown eyes. Midnight blue tones are best suited to highlight the blue flecks in brown eyes. 

Shades of Blue Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes - Source: Wedd Book

3. Brown Eye Makeup: Brown eye makeup is a no-brainer when it comes to brown irises. Use it in combination with copper-toned eye shadows to create an ombre effect. Begin with darker shades on the lids and finish with progressively lighter shades ending beneath the brow-line. Coordinate these eyeshadow colors with a matte lip color in maroon, reddish browns, or deep purples to create a textured brown look.

Brown Eye Makeup with Brown Lips - Source: Nail Online

4. Orange Eye Makeup: For light brown eyes, a combination of bright colors like orange, yellow, pinks, and reds can evoke the beauty of a sunset. Paired with cheerful lip colors and a floral printed dress, your light brown eyes will sparkle like a flower in spring. 

Bright Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes - Source: Tempt Alia

5. Purple Eye Makeup: A combination of purple and blue eyeshadow and eyeliner, respectively, adds depth to brown eyes, turning them into molten pools of brown outlined in cool night shades. 

Purple and Blue Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes, Brown Eye Makeup
Purple and Blue Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes - Source: Stay Glam

6. Smoky Eyes Makeup: Smoky eyes in jewel tones and pastel shades do an excellent job of highlighting dark brown eyes. Deep pinks and reds, pastel purple, and baby pink draw focus to the depth of a dark brown iris. 

Pink Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes - Source: Makeup and Beauty

Eye Liners For Brown Eyes

The late Lady Diana was famous for using a blue eyeliner on her waterline to bring out the blue of her eyes. Makeup professionals swear by this hack to make eyes appear more prominent. If you have brown eyes, using eyeliner on your waterline that most closely resembles your iris's color will make your eyes look bigger, giving them an arresting allure. 

While a black eyeliner might seem like a one size fits all choice, you’ll notice that a dark brown eyeliner creates a softer and creamier look. 

Brown Eyeliner for the Waterline - Source: Shopify

1. To reflect the blue flecks in your brown peepers, use eyeliners in colors like teal, azure, and midnight blue. 
2. Create a contrasting effect using eyeliners in colors that complement or contrast blue shades like purple, mint green, and charcoal grey. 
3. Nude eyeliners, gold tones, and copper-colored eyeliners highlight the golden flecks in your brown eyes, creating a twinkling effect.
4. Hazel Eyes are presented in the best light by olive and mossy green eyeliners. Layering it with gold creates a dusky feminine look, reflecting the amber flecks in hazel brown eyes. 

Green Eyeliners for Brown Eyes - Source: New York Magazine

Concealer for Brown Eyes

A disadvantage of having brown eyes is the immediate attention under-eye bags and dark circles draw to the darker irises. The upside to this is that concealers and correctors in nudes work best with darker eyes, and brown eyes detract easily from skin imperfections with a little helping from a concealer. Always carry a concealer in a nude tone with you to create a fresh-faced, dewy-eyed look that gives the appearance of healthy and well-rested eyes. 

So, concealer -> brown eyeliner for the waterline -> and a diverse range of shades for the eyeshadow palette is the sum total of makeup tips for brown eyes.

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Golden Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes - Source: Hearts App

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