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Business Casual Outfits For Work Travel
Business Casual Outfits For Work Travel

Your choice of clothing could influence how you are perceived socially, convey your standing and status, and how well rounded your personality is, concludes a study on 'Appearance Management Behaviour.'

Dressing for work is a 24*7 job. Even when you aren't on the office premises, your wardrobe choices are still sending out social cues to your fellow workers, business associates, and clients. When you are traveling for work, whether intercity, intracity, or flying across the globe, your clothes set the tone for the first impression you'll create as you step out for work in new environs. 

Whether your work gear is a carefully created 'Airport Look' or donning casual fitness apparel for a jog down to the hotel gym, your clothing choices contribute significantly to the way people perceive and interact with you. When you travel for work, your wardrobe is under the scanner all the time, shaping your professional image one look at a time. 

Leverage the power of a well put together work travel wardrobe by adopting these simple tips: 

1. Packing with a Purpose 

What is the goal of this work travel trip? Who will be your audience? What cultural norms should you be aware of? Are there any colors, outfits, or taboos to avoid? What kind of meetings will you be having? What would the settings be like? What's the weather forecast for your travel dates? 

In answering the questions above, you'll be saving yourself from a lot of major and minor mishaps like culture shocks, being caught dead in a woolen jacket in the tropics, walking on cobbled streets in stilettos, or living down the embarrassment of sweaty underarms in a formal meeting. Plan your travel wardrobe according to the customs and weather of the place you are visiting, always keeping in mind the goals of the trip. 

2. Creating the Right Kind of Looks for Your Travel Needs 

Monochromatic or two-toned dresses that are form-fitting look smart yet appropriately formal. This way, you can match the same pair of shoes with two or more looks. Marks and Spencer dresses selection is an excellent place to look for inspiration as well as shopping. Blacks, navy blues, reds, and neutrals, can be worn in endless combinations on diverse occasions. 

Include a well-cut jacket to introduce layering or pashmina to add a dash of glitz to your travel style. If you have a couple of oft worn looks that garner compliments, pack them in. Include a pouch of matching accessories to add flair to your looks. 

Ensure formal business suits are complemented with the right accessories. Pack an extra pair of formal pants and a blouse for emergencies. Incorporate easy wardrobe changes like switching out of the formal jacket into a fancy dinner jacket for a day to night look. 

If you are big on the health and wellness lifestyle, don't forget to pack in fitness apparel and accessories. Also, add a pair of comfy pajamas to change into at the end of a tiring day. 

3. Packing the Right Footwear for Business Travel 

Always carry a pair of comfortable, flat, formal shoes in a neutral color that can be paired with formal and casual clothing. Only pack well worn, tried, and tested footwear. Don't even think of breaking in a new pair of pumps on an official trip. A pair of sports shoes that double up as gym gear also comes in handy for those walking around the city excursions. Pack a pair of day to night pumps for formal and after-hours occasions. 

Shoes take up a lot of packing space, so sticking to a color theme with outfits in similar color ranges will drastically bring down the number of shoes that need to be carried. 

4. Packing Efficiently 

Use packing tips and tricks to utilize space judiciously: 

  1. Insert accessory pouches, lingerie bags, socks, and other knick-knacks inside shoes/pumps. 
  2. Roll your clothes to fit them in more snugly. 
  3. Perfume bottles and other makeup items can be squeezed into the corners and crevices between clothes. 
  4. Place jackets and heavier clothing items on top. 

Remember, traveling light doesn't mean you show up in the same two outfits throughout your trip. If your trip extends over a longer duration, pack in an extra suitcase with proper looks for all occasions. The goal is to create the best impression, not to show how ingenious your mix-and-match skills are. These days, women have a lot of room to maneuver as business casual attire is gradually being accepted as formal business attire, so the flexibility of incorporating trendy dresses, cuts, and fit styles is enormous. 

To sum up, avoid wardrobe experimentation on business trips, stick to classic looks in solid or neutral colors, pack tried and tested footwear, smart accessories, and a cheerful disposition to get the most out of your trip. 

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