Sunday, April 8, 2018

Book Review Sample - Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman - Book Review

Call Me By Your Name Book Cover, Call Me By Your Name Book Review
Call Me By Your Name is one of those books that's so adept at describing feelings and all the firsts in romantic love that it sends you back in time to those deeply felt moments in your life when you first fell for someone. When you were vulnerable to the slightest of touches, hopeful even in the most hopeless circumstances, anxious to please yet too fearful of offending and could go from intense happiness and walking on the clouds one minute, to absolute sadness with nary a ray of hope in sight, in another. 

Elio - one half of the romantic pair - takes you back to that time in your life when the rawness of feelings wasn't tempered by experience. You can't help but feel as teenaged Elio feels as he navigates the highs and lows of his first love. Aciman's words as Elio manage to evoke strong emotions without ever sounding trite. Relive the thrill of stolen glances, the boldness of the first touch, the bashfulness of the first kiss, the nirvana of the first hug, the longing, the lust, and the lamentation. It's a veritable roller-coaster of feelings. 

Serene and scenic settings in northern Italy, languorous descriptions of afternoon lulls reminiscent of lazy summers in small towns, and conversations about books, etymology, and philosophical pursuits enrich this journey, showering the reader with asides as exciting and profound as the journey of the central characters. 

Read the book even if Elio's sexual orientation bothers you, nay, especially if it bothers you. It might not change your stance on these issues; you might even think it was an absolute waste of your time. But, Aciman's words as Elio will definitely leave a lasting impression on you, perhaps just be the beginning of something new. 

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Word Count - 360

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