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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Ranked By Price
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The meteoric rise of Bitcoin in 2017 has made the world sit up and notice the cryptocurrency phenomenon. As it broke through the $1000 barrier in February, financial firms started according it serious currency status. May 20th marked another milestone when it broke the $2000 barrier.

The upward rally continued until early September when it almost breached the $5000 mark - its rise seemingly unstoppable, only to slump down back to $3000 levels by mid-September. This fed into the long-held public belief that price correction was inevitable as growth charted could not have been organic, much like the dot-com bust of 2001.

Unfortunately for them, Bitcoin would be moving up and to the right within a month, breaking through the $10,000 on the 1st of December, 2017. And this time, it would not only chart new heights for itself but also bring other cryptocurrencies along for the ride.

Cut to a fortnight later, everybody wants in on the blockchain boom. But as 99% of us have been too late to the party, it doesn’t hurt to hitch our rides to the second-best cryptocurrency, or the third, or fourth, and so on. Bitcoin might be out of our purchasing power range, but other blockchain-based currencies have shown potential and are still capped at <$1000.

Listed below are the top 10 most expensive cryptocurrencies, ranked in descending order by their price in US dollars. And surprise...Bitcoin doesn’t get the top spot.

1. Russian Miner Coin - RMC : Price - $22, 923.50
Russian Miner Coin
 Russian Miner Coin brings together miners, engineers, creators, and developers. It's an exclusive closed club of miners aimed at getting the best ROI.

2. Bitcoin: Price - $16,824.30
Bitcoin is the most well known and most widely accepted of all cryptocurrencies currently in circulation. Its phenomenal rise this year also sparked interest in other cryptocurrencies, driving their collective market value skywards.

3. Bitcoin Cash: Price - $1910.59
Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is almost similar to Bitcoin. The difference is in their focus areas. While Bitcoin endeavors to be a decentralized currency as its primary objective, Bitcoin Cash prioritizes fast and cheap, on-the-go payments, with the aim to onboard as many users as quickly as possible, leading to a decentralized currency becoming the norm.

4. Dash: Price - $910.32


Dash Coin Cryptocurrency

Dash - Digital+Cash. Mostly used for payments online, anywhere. It's an open-source platform that allows users to make private payments across the globe.

5. Ethereum: Price - $710.04
Ethereum Logo

Ethereum is a decentralized applications platform that allows the creation of apps employing the blockchain model. It focuses on user privacy and decentralized data by replicating data nodes across the spectrum. After Blockchain, Ethereum is the most sought after cryptocurrency.

6. Zcash: Price - $443.61

Zcash is an open-source protocol where every user is responsible for its mining and distribution. It aims to provide end-to-end user privacy in all transactions and employs cryptography to provide a truly decentralized and fungible currency.

7. BitConnect: Price - $377.77

BitConnect Logo
BitConnect Coin

BitConnect Coin is another cryptocurrency that allows peer to peer transactions. It also allows users to accumulate substantial interest on their investments.

8. Monero: Price - $320.09
Monero Logo

Monero allows for untraceable online payments by deploying stealth addresses and obfuscating every transaction's source, price, and destination.

9. Bitcoin Gold: Price - $313.65

Bitcoin Gold Logo
Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is an offshoot of the original Bitcoin that forked away from the original due to shifting priorities. It uses a different 'Proof of Work' algorithm and mining hardware that allows for unique addresses and more secure transactions to protect users.

10. Litecoin: Price - $287.63
Litecoin Logo

Litecoin was developed as a faster, cheaper, and simple-to-use alternative to Bitcoin. It allows for P2P transactions, apps integration and can be bought at most online cryptocurrency exchanges.  

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Cryptocurrency prices are prone to wild fluctuations by the hour, the prices shown here reflect prices at post time.

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